Talent fee

Get prepared because im going to be very forthcoming! How do you stay ahead of the competition in a super saturated marketplace ? Well the first thing you wont see from me is an expensive office space. This is where the tens of thousands of dollars gets added on to client costs. How do I know this? I used to do that. In order to have a space like that, companies have no choice but to add it on to there fees to pay for it. The quality of our talent and 28 years experience has nothing to do with real estate. Your celebration will take place in the venue of your choice " not an office" .All consultations are done in your catering facility , the comfort of your home or a public location where we can converse and enjoy ourselves while talking in depth about the details of your special event.You can speak to many of my past clients and learn that this procedure is the easiest and most convenient way. Especially for professionals with busy schedules. Fees Start at $495 for parties .

                          Prices are subject to date  time and season 

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